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It's the cozy place on a cold day, or where you'll have a nice long nap in some afternoon sun. Either way, your bedroom is your refuge away from the outside world. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom so it should feel like your own personal oasis.

Bedroom furniture helps you create a space that fits your life from morning to night. Selecting those foundation pieces you need, like your bed, nightstands and dressers, can be daunting. The on-staff designers at Home Furniture & Lighting can help you create your dream bedroom with their knowledge of our brands and different design styles. 

Once you have your staples picked out, it's the little details that make your bedroom truly personal and incredibly comfortable. We can walk you through different accent pieces that can add more function to your space, like desks or benches. We also carry accessories that you can layer in; from lamps to rugs and mirrors to wall art, our team will make sure you have everything you need to sleep soundly at night.

We've got what you need to make your bedroom your own.

Choose the right bedroom furniture

Before buying furniture for a bedroom, there are a few points to consider. Each type of bedroom, whether it be the master, spare or children's room, have unique requirements. Some will be used daily and others less frequently, therefore space issues differ from room to room.

Let us figure out with you what sizes work best for the bedroom you are furnishing. The trained staff at Home Furniture & Lighting can not only narrow down your selections, but also find that perfect piece for that hard to fill space.

It doesn't stop at the furniture; the decor you place in your bedroom is just as important in creating your dream space. These items introduce more colour, texture, and pattern into the room. We can outfit your bedroom, top to bottom.

Springwall Sleep Products Inc. is headquartered just outside of Moncton, New Brunswick, and is extremely proud of being a unique family-owned business.

Springwall is the only 100% Canadian owned and operated National mattress manufacturer in existence today.

Springwall has a solid reputation of trust and respect with both its retailers and consumers that it has earned by doing the right thing since 1949.

Check out to browse their product lines, and stop by Home Furniture & Lighting to order yours today!

Home Furniture & Lighting is proud to carry Springwall Mattresses

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