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Dining Room

Serve up your dream dining room with Home Furniture & Lighting.

A refreshing, styled dining room can inspire new ways to serve meals, grow new friendships and entice new feelings. Whether you like to cook large meals for many guests, or serve delivery on clean plates, we have every piece you need to create your perfect dining area. We can help you determine what style and look best fits your home and space. 

Along with rectangular, oval, and round dining tables, we have dining room tables that offer extensions for those surprise guests, and pub height islands that friends will gather around. Are you short on space? We have the solutions you need. Our insightful staff can ask you the right questions and pick out styles that will work within your budget while maintaining your style.

Let's not forget about chairs - our assortment of side chairs, arm chairs, upholstered chairs and bench seating will have your dinner guests staying longer than expected. Complete the look of your room with accent furniture like buffets, hutches and servers.

Make it a space you love to make memories in.

Choosing the perfect dining room table

The memories created around a dining room table will be remembered forever. Your dining room table should be as well. Don't run out and buy the first thing you fall in love with - let us go over some factors to consider first.

If your table will be used for more than enjoying food, like craft time, meal prep and homework, you'll want to look at something durable. If your dining room is formal and is only used for those special occasions, we have many beautiful, more ornate options to select from.

Sizes are another big factor; obviously the width and length of your dining room table are important, but don't forget the space between the table and the wall. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through all the ins and outs of buying the perfect dining room table.

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