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Design Doesn't Matter.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It really doesn’t. ...But hear me out on this.

What’s the first thing you remember when you think of a time you stepped foot into a relative’s home over, let’s say… The holidays?

What about when you walk into your favourite coffee shop you visit every odd weekend, what’s the first thing that stands out to you?

What about the colour of the couch you sat on when you watched that movie that sent chills down your spine and made you sleep with the night light on for weeks?

Or what about your first sleepover at a friend’s house, what are a few things that come to mind when you think of that memory?

How you view the world, how you perceive people’s opinions or the lens you see your life through are all influenced by the way you experienced life up until this point. One person might not like the clothes you wear because it reminds them of a jealous ex that always wore faded denim jeans, Converse and old band t-shirts.

For the record, their name usually always starts with “J”.

Or perhaps you had a best friend that never apologized for not telling you about all those times they secretly didn’t invite you to hangout when all of your friends got together and you explicitly remember her mother’s obsession with mid-century modern and that stupid dog that would never shut up when a car passed by their home.

On a really busy f*king street.

But you might also prefer a more minimalist, decluttered look because your parents always taught you to keep things tidy and “always keep your space presentable as if the Queen were coming over unannounced.” And your parents mean the world to you.

Your obsession with transitional design might even spawn from numerous visits to your aunt’s posh 3-story manor that always looked so aesthetically pleasing and never lost its “first visit feel” because you’d always notice new rugs, pillows & accessories that weren’t there the last time you went over.

So, what really matter then?


Design is merely a way to identify categories that you fall into and to help you follow basic rules that help organize your ideas around themes that help you build an identity.

So, before you start debating on whether or not you should put up a 2-light or 3-light pendant in your hallway, if you need more house plants in your living room, if smart lighting “fits” with colonial trim or rattan furniture, understand why things matter to you.

And once you understand that, design will matter to you.

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